How To Prepare For IB ACIO Exam Interview 2021 – Free PDF Download

Intelligence Bureau 

  • The Intelligence Bureau (IB) is India’s internal intelligence agency
  • It is under the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • ACIO II – Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (Grade II/Executive)

Job profile

  • Training – 3 phase training
  • Conditions can be tough – Remote area posting
  • Training is not easy – physical activity + academics
  • Good salary- Rs.70,OOO+
  • 4600 GP – Level VII acc to 7th CPC
  • SSA – 20% of basic


  • Peaceful job**
  • Good pay
  • Interesting work profile
  • Dealing with variety of issues


  • Risk**
  • Promotions are less and slow.
  • No guns to wield
  • Posting all over India


About me

  • Cleared the IB ACIO II exam of 2014 (held in 2015)
  • Called for training in 2017 (Yes it can take time!)
  • Did not join due to some personal reasons.

  • Based on the combined performance in Tier-I, Tier-II and interview, the candidates would be short listed for final selection.
  • Even if your tier I and tier II did not go as well as you expected, you have a great opportunity for improving your score



  1. Documents
  2. Attire
  3. Be on time

 *The waiting period can be long – eat something before you go!

  • How to speak?
  • LANGUAGE – Medium of the interview!?

What Questions can you expect?

  • Your Background – educational and professional
  • Why do you want to join IB?
  • What can YOU bring to the organization?
  • Security related questions
  • Current Affairs related questions
  • Can you survive the harsh conditions of posting in remote areas?
  • Language skills
  • Hobbies/Passions
  • Gap between jobs/after graduation

      *Honesty is the best policy

Important Topics

  • Separatist groups in North east
  • Terrorism
  • Militancy in Kashmir, ARTICLE 370, 35A
  • LWE –Naxalism
  • Security forces and agencies – their mandate, details



Current Affairs

  • Be well versed with at least 1 year current affairs
  • Study IQ
  • Best 300
  • Best 500




   Free PDF Download