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Theme of Commemorative Summit: “Shared Values, Common Destiny“ – 25 years of the India-ASEAN Dialogue partnership Singapore assumed the Chair of ASEAN from this month.

  • This is no ordinary event.
  • It is a historic milestone in a remarkable journey that has brought India and
  • ASEAN in a deepening partnership of great promise for their 1.9 billion people,
    about one-fourth of human kind. India’s ties with Southeast Asia stretch back more than two millennia.
  • This historic tie provides a unique envelope of comfort and familiarity between our people.
  • For India, most of our major partners and markets — from
  • ASEAN and East Asia to North America — lie to the East. And, Southeast Asia and ASEAN, our neighbours by land and sea, have been the springboard of our Look East and, for the last
    three years, the Act East Policy.
  • Along the way, from dialogue partners, ASEAN and India have
    become strategic partners.
  • With each Asean member, we have growing diplomatic, economic and security partnership. We work together to keep our seas safe and secure
  • ASEAN is India’s fourth largest trading partner; India is ASEAN’s seventh.
  • Over 20% of India’s outbound investments go to ASEAN.
  • Led by Singapore, ASEAN is India’s leading source of investments.
  • India’s free trade agreements in the region are its oldest and among the most ambitious anywhere.
  • Air links have expanded rapidly and we are extending highways deep into continental Southeast Asia with new urgency and priority.
  • Growing connectivity has reinforced proximity. It has also put India among the fastest growing sources of tourism in Southeast Asia.
  • Over a 6 million strong Indian diaspora in the region — rooted in diversity and steeped in dynamism — constitutes an extraordinary human bond between us.

We are important regional partners linking South andSoutheast Asia.
We cooperate closely in the Asean, East Asia Summit and
Bimstec (the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral
Technical and Economic Cooperation), as also in the
frameworks of Mekong Ganga Cooperation, Asia Cooperation
Dialogue and Indian Ocean Rim Association.

Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and President Hồ Chí Minh led
our peoples in the heroic struggle against colonialism.

India and Myanmar share a land-border of over 1600 kms as
well as a maritime boundary.
Buddhist heritage bind us as closely as does our shared
historical past.
The cooperation to restore Ananda Temple in Bagan with
assistance of the Archaeological Survey of India also is
emblematic of this shared heritage.

Our defence ties are among the strongest for both.
Thousands of Indian companies are registered in Singapore.

We are both strong in services and our growth rates are
amongst the highest among major countries.
We are happy to share our experience with the Philippines in
universal ID cards, financial inclusion, making banking
accessible to all, facilitating direct transfer of benefits, and
in promoting cashless transactions.

Malaysia has emerged as the third largest trading partner of
India in ASEAN and is one of the important investors in India
from ASEAN.

India and Brunei share common membership of UN, NAM,
Commonwealth, ARF, etc., and as developing countries with
strong traditional and cultural ties.
Laos PDR
While the trade between India and Lao PDR is still below
potential, India has extended Duty Free Tariff Preference
Schemes to Lao PDR, encourage exports of goods from Lao
PDR to India.

Separated by a mere 90 nautical miles in the Indian Ocean,
India and Indonesia share a continuity of civilizational
relationship that spans over two millennia.
Whether it is the annual Balijatra celebrated in Odisha or the
legends of Ramayana and Mahabharata, which are visible
across the entire landscape of Indonesia, these unique
cultural threads umbilically bind the peoples of Asia’s two
largest democracies in a special neighbourly embrace.

The magnificent structure of Angkor Wat temple is a glorious
testimony and grand symbol of our ancient historical,
religious and cultural links.

Atal Pension Yojana (APY) is a Government of India’s Old Age
Pension Scheme being implemented through all Banks across
the country as per the mandate received from the Ministry of
Finance and monitored periodically at PMO.
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi had launched the
Social Security Scheme on 9th May 2015 and dedicated the
First Ever Guaranteed Pension Product to the people of the
Payments Banks and Small Finance Banks are a New Model of
banks conceptualized by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

11 Payment Banks and 10 Small Finance Banks have received
license from Reserve Bank of India to start banking
operations in India.
Small Finance Banks and Payment Banks are new age banks
and given the strength of the bank, expertise and it reach,
Small Finance Bank and Payment Bank can play a pivotal role
in outreach of subscribers under APY.
Participation in APY not only builds a pensioned society but
also adds sustainable fee income to Banks by way of
attractive incentive for mobilizing APY @ Rs 120-150 for each

Small Finance Banks
• Ujjivan Small Finance Bank.
• Janalakshmi Small Finance Bank.
• Equitas Small Finance Bank.
• A U Small Finance Bank.
• Capital Small Finance Bank.
• ESAF Small Finance Bank.
• Utkarsh Small Finance Bank.
• Suryoday Small Finance Bank.
• Fincare Small Finance Bank.
Payment Bank
• Paytm Payment Bank.
• Airtel Payment Bank.
• India Post Payment Bank.
• Fino Payment Bank.


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