Profit & Loss Concepts Tricks & Shortcuts SET 1 – CSAT/IBPS/SBI/SSC CGL/LDC/MTS/CLERK/POLICE

Best Tips & Tricks – Profit/Loss & Discounts

1) A shopkeeper bought the books from a wholesaler for Rs.6250. Find at what price should he sell it in order to lose 10%?


2) By selling a T.V for Rs 1950, a shopkeeper got a profit of 30%. At what price he should sell it in order to get a profit of 40%
a) 2500    b) 2100    c) 2000    d) 3500    e) None of these


3) A man build a table and sold it at a profit 7.5% and thereby gains Rs.375. Find the total amount which costs him to build the table?

a) 5000 b) 6000 c) 6500     d) 5500     e) None of these.


4) By selling an article for Rs.195 a dealer makes a profit of 30%. By how much should he increase his selling price so as to make a profit of 40%?

a) 20 b) 15 c) 25      d) 30      e) None of these


5) I sold a book at a profit of 27%. If I sold it for Rs.36 more; 33% would have been gained. Find the cost price of the book?

a) 700 b) 650 c) 600      d) 800     e) None of these


6) A man sold a radio at a loss of 2.5%. If he sold it for Rs.100 more; he gains 7.5%. Find at what price should he sell it in order to gain 12.5%?

a) 2250 b) 1120 c) 1125     d) 2150     e) None of these


7) Kamal bought an table at a discount of 20%. Later he calculated that if he bought it at 25% discount; he would be able to get Rs.500 more discount. Find at what price did he bought the table?

a) 7000 b) 8000 c) 90000     d) 9500     e) None of these


8) Abdul buys an old scooter for Rs.4700 and spends Rs.800 for its repair. If he sells the scooter for Rs.5800, find his gain percentage.

a) 60/11% b) 50/11 % c) 65/11%     d) 7/11%     e) None of these


9) Varun sold 250 cycles and had a gain equal to the selling price of 50 cycle. What is the profit percentage?

a) 25% b) 10% c) 20%     d) 30%     e) None of these


10) The CP of 24 apples is the same as the SP of 18 apples. Find the percentage gain?

a) 25% b) 12.5% c) 14(2/7)%   d) 16(2/3)%   e) None of these

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