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Best Tips & Tricks – Profit/Loss & Discounts

1) A person bought some articles at the rate of 5 per rupee and the same number at the rate of 4 per rupee. He mixed both the types and sold at the rate of 9 for 2 rupees. In this business he suffered a loss of Rs. 3. The total number of articles bought by him was

(a) 1090      (b) 1080     (c) 540      (d) 545      (e) 554

2) A seller buy 4 oranges at the rate of 10rs and same 5 oranges at the rate 10 rs, he sell all oranges at 9 oranges of 20 rs then find his profit or loss?

(a) 100/91%      (b) 20%     (c) 25%      (d) 100/81%      (e) None of these

3) A man purchases some oranges at the rate of 25 for rupee 100 and same amount of oranges at the rate of 50 for rupees 100. He mixes them and sell at the rate of 25 for rupees 75. Find the profit/loss percentage.

(a) 10%, loss      (b) 20%, profit     (c) 25%, loss      (d) Zero%      (e) None of these

4) Raman buys some apples at the rate of four for a rupee and same numbers of oranges at three for a rupee. To make a profit of 25%, Raman should sell 6 apples and 6 oranges for.
(a) 5.375      (b) 4.375     (c) 2.25      (d) 1.25      (e) None of these

5) Amit brought two cars. He then sold the first car at 10% profit and the second one at 25% profit. The selling price of the second car is 25% more than the selling price of the first car. What is the approximate profit per cent in both the cars together?

(a) 17.85%     (b) 18.36%    (c) 16.19%     (d) 23.13%     (e) 21.35%

6) The market price of an article is increased by 20% and the selling price is increased by 12·5%, then the amount of profit doubles. If the original marked price be Rs. 500 which is greater than the corresponding cost price by 25%. What is the increased selling price ?

(a) Rs. 3200/7     (b) Rs. 3500/7     (c) Rs. 3600/7     (d) Rs. 3800/7    (e) None of these

7) A horse and a cow were sold for Rs 540 making a profit of 25% on the horse and 20% profit on the cow. If the profit on horse is 20%, and on cow is 25%, total selling price is 538. find the cost price of the horse ?

(a) Rs. 260     (b) Rs. 340     (c) Rs. 360     (d) Rs. 240    (e) None of these

8) A shopkeeper buys 60 cycles and marks them at 20% above the cost price. He allows a discount of 10% on the marked price for cash sale and 5% discount for credit sales. If three-fourth of the cycles are sold at cash and remaining for credit, the total profit be Rs. 11400. What is the cost price of a cycle?

a) 500 b) 400 c) 300     d) 350     e) None of these

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