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(Set – 17)


Ten friends A, B, P, N, M, T, R, S, U and V sit around a rectangular table such that two persons sit
along each length of the table, one person sits along each breadth of the table and one person sit
at the corner. Each of them faces towards the table.
i)R sits opposite to S and B sits opposite to N but none of them sit at the corner. Exactly two of
them sit along the length.
ii)M and U sit at the corner but they do not sit at the same row.
iii)S sit third to the right of U and adjacent to T. B, M and V sit at the same row.
iv)A and T sit in the same row.
v) M is not a neighbour of T.


Seven friends A, B, C, E, F, H and I Visit restaurant from Monday to Sunday in a week. They either
go the restaurant named “Aryan” or to the restaurant named “Dastarkhwan”. No two persons
appearing consecutively in alphabetical order visit restaurant on consecutive days. E.g. E and H
can visit restaurant on consecutive days, but A and B cannot visit restaurant on consecutive days.
“Aryan” is first restaurant to be visited. Person who likes eating Mexican food visits “Aryan”. H
likes Mutton biryani which is not served by “Aryan”. “Dastarkhwan” serves Mughlai food on Friday.
There is only one person between E and I and that person visits “Aryan” . E and I do not visit
“Aryan” or like Mughlai food. Punjabi food is liked by F and is served immediately after Mughlai
food by not by same restaurant. Chinese food is not served by “Dastarkhwan” and is served before
Mexican food. C visits “Dastarkhwan” immediately after I. Tundey kebab is served before
Galauti kebab and A visits restaurant before E.

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