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(Set – 22)


Eight books namely Chemistry, Maths, Economics, History, physics, Geography, Accounts and Biology
are kept one over the other, but not necessarily in the same order. Two books belong to classes
9th to 12th each. The color of the cover of the books are blue, brown, red, orange, green, grey,
black and purple. The two books in the middle belong to class 12th. The book with black cover is 3
places below the one with Green color. Geography and Economics book are adjacent to each other
and neither of it are on top nor on bottom. The book with red cover is just above the Accounts
books. One of the class 10th book is brown in color which is not kept on top. Cover of Chemistry is
of purple color and it is 3rd position from the top. The two class 11th books are Physics and Maths.
Economics book is kept 3rd place from the bottom and belongs to class 9th. The Physics book
which is not Grey is kept just below the Accounts book One of the class 11th book is kept between
class 9th and 10th books The cover of History and Biology books is not grey. There are three books
between the red and the orange colored book. The book with green cover does not belongs to
class 10th and is not Biology.


10 friends travel in a metro. Five of them Amit, Vipul, Deepu, Ravi and Roshan are sitting in a row
facing North and the other five friends Shashi, Pankaj, Monu, Ram and Tinku are sitting in row facing
south. Each friend in row is facing exactly one from the other row. One of them likes grapes.
Shashi sits opposite the friend who likes a banana and sits at one of the extremes. The friend who
likes kiwi who is not Monu sits second to the right of Shashi. Tinku sits exactly in the middle of
Monu and the friend who likes a cherry who is not Shashi. Vipul who does not sit at extreme end
likes an orange and sits opposite the friend who likes an apple. The one who likes pineapple sits
opposite the friend who is to the immediate left of Vipul. The friend who likes a strawberry who is
not Deepu sits opposite Ram. Pankaj does not sit at any of the extremes but sits opposite the friend
who likes a guava, who is adjacent to Amit and the friend who likes a mango. Ravi neither likes a
guava nor likes a strawberry.

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