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(Set – 23)


Eight persons Vinit, Mohit, Vinay, Ishank, Saurav, Vikas, Sunil and Shivam are staying on an eight
storey building. Lowermost floor is numbered 1 and topmost floor is numbered 8. They got different
marks in an examination in the range of 35-80. Their marks are multiple of 5 and no two persons
got the same marks.
Mohit lives on an even numbered floor. Two persons are between mohit and the one who got 50
marks. Mohit lives above the one who got 50 marks. Shivam got 35 marks and lives on 4th floor.
Sunil got less marks than Vinay. The number of person lives above Mohit is same as below Vinay.
Sunil lives below Vinay. The one who got 80 marks lives just above Sunil. Vikas got 20 more marks
than Mohit and Mohit got 10 more marks than Sunil. One person lives between Vikas and the one
who got 65 marks. Vikas lives on an odd numbered floor. Two persons live between Vinit and
Ishank. Ishank lives above Vinit. Vinit got less marks than Vikas. Ishank got less marks than Vinit but
more than Vinay.


Six persons namely, Vikram, Vicky, Vinod, Vishesh, Vimlesh and Vimal went to a shop to buy only
one kind of fruits among Apples, Bananas, Cherries, Grapes, Mangoes and Strawberries. Each of
them bought certain number of fruits from 1 to 6.
1) Vinod bought more fruits than that of Vishesh.
2) The person who bought strawberries bought 6 of them.
3) The number of fruits that Vishesh bought is in even number.
4) Vimlesh bought cherries, which were more in number than that of Vicky.
5) Vikram bought neither grapes nor 6 fruits.
6) Vishesh did not buy Strawberries or grapes.
7) Vimal did not buy fruits in odd number.
8) Vicky bought 2 mangoes, which were less in number than that of apples.

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