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(Set – 25)


Eight persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are Sitting in a straight line and facing north. Their ages are
i.e. 18, 23, 25, 26, 30, 34, 37 and 40, not necessarily in the same order.
Note: Their heights are different and in decreasing order from the left end to right end i.e., It
means the one who is at the left end is the tallest and the one who is at the right end is the shortest
G is 3rd tallest and youngest in the group. E is 2nd to the left of H, E is not neighbor of G. Only one
person is taller to B. Only two persons are elder to A. Two persons are sitting between A and D. D is
taller to A but not neighbor of G. The difference of age between A and C is 8 years. H is taller to F
but shorter to C. The number of persons is sitting between C and the one who is 25 years old is
same as E and the one who is 40 years old. H is not the eldest person. H is elder to A. The one who
is shortest in the group is 30 years old.


In Championship Games, eight participants won different number of medals from 1 to 8 in no particular
order. The eight participants are from three different countries— India, Russia and China.
The eight participants are Rahul, Yogesh, Virat, sana, Naman, Sindhu, Karun and Hussain, in no particular
order. Three of them are from Russia, three are from India and two are from China. The following
information is known about them:
a. The participant who won only one medal does not belong to India.
b. Naman won lesser number of medals than Yogesh and Hussain.
c. The participant who won eight medals is not from Russia.
d. sana is from India.
e. Sindhu won lesser number of medals than both Rahul and sana, but more number of medals
when compared to both Hussain and Yogesh.
f. Karun is not from Russia.
g. Naman who does not belong to Russia, didn’t win the least number of medals.
h. Rahul won more number of medals than sana. Also, there is only one person who won the number
of medals, which is between the number of medals won by Rahul and sana.
i. Hussain, who is from India didn’t win three medals.
j. If Karun belongs to China then the person winning 2 medals
must be from Russia.

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