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(Set – 26)


Eight persons P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are sitting on a square table facing centre. Four out of them
are sitting at four corners and other four are sitting at middle of each side of the table. All sitting at
the corners have their ages in multiples of 5 and those sitting in the middle of each side have their
ages in multiples of 7. All these people are then made to sit in rows facing each other (that is four
facing south and four facing north), such that people with common divisor are made to sit in the
same row. P sits on an extreme end of the row and at a corner of the square table. Q sits in the
same row as P’s. U is 42 years old and does not sit in the same row as Q. S sits third to the left of Q
and is an immediate neighbor of a 10 year old person V is eight times as old as S and is facing him.
People with their ages as multiples of seven are facing north. W and T are sitting opposite to each
other on the square table and are immediate neighbors while sitting in the row. Neither W nor T sit
at any extreme end of the row. R sits second to the left of U while sitting in the row R sits at an extreme
end of the row while S does not sit at any extreme end R is an immediate neighbour of T and
Q. In the row T faces S while P does not face V. R is 28 years old. W is five times as old as P but W is
not 50 years old. Q is 10 years younger than W. None of the eight persons are older than 60 years
of age.


Seven students A, B, C, D, E, F and G were standing for their school drill facing the north not necessarily
in a straight row.
• F was 10m to the northwest of the one who was 12m to the north of G.
• C was 24m to the west of the one who was 18m to the south of D.
• G was to the west of D who was 20m to the southeast of A.
• B was 10m to the west of F.
• C and F were in the same vertical or horizontal line.

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