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(Set – 27)


An almirah had 6 Shelves in a row each of a different colour and width. The shelves were yellow,
purple, grey, violet, silver and orange colored. The Shelves had some laurels in form of trophies
and Shields. The number of trophies or Shields kept in each shelf was different and varied between  the range 1-6 not necessarily in the same order. The Width Of each trophy was 5cm and the Width
Of each Shield was 6cm. All the Shelves were filled to their maximum capacity. Assume that the
almirah was kept facing North.
• The violet shelf was 3rd to the right of the Shelf that was 31cm Wide
• The purple shelf was exactly in between the grey shelf and the Shelf that was 32cm wide
• The difference between the widths of the silver and grey sheIves was equal to the difference between
the widths of the orange and grey shelves
• The yellow shelf had twice the number of Shields as in the purple shelf
• Number of trophies in the violet shelf was equal to the number of Shields in the silver shelf that
was at either of the extreme ends
• The purple shelf was 13cm wider than the grey shelf and had 6 trophies
• Grey Shelf was at a gap of 1 from the silver shelf that had 7 laurels in total.

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