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(Set – 28)


There are 8 people (P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W) who are somehow related to each other. They like different
colors among blue, yellow, grey, pink, red, black, green and orange but not necessarily in the
same order. Only married couples have children. The number of male members is not more than
the number of female members. Father of R likes Grey color. U does not like red color. The one
who likes blue color is the husband of the person who likes yellow color. P does not like orange color.
Mother of Q likes red color. V is father-in- law of P, who is father of the person who likes green
color. S is father of the person who likes pink color and P. W who does not belong to the first generation
is not blood related to U. W is not the daughter of T. W doesn’t like green color.


A family consists of six members, namely A, B, N, O, P and Q. Each of them likes different color viz.
Blue, Green, Red, Black, Yellow and Brown, not necessarily in the same order. The mother-in-law of
A likes Black color. The grandfather of N likes Blue color. The niece of Q likes Red color. The pair of
brother and sister in the family likes Green and Brown colors, not necessarily in the same order.
The son-in-law of B likes Yellow color. B and O are not married to each other. P is not the father of
Q. The son of B doesn’t like Green color. Also, only married couples can have a child.

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