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(Set – 29)


Eight people- A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting in a row, facing south. The number of males and
females in the group is equal. The following information is known about their seating arrangement.
Exactly two persons sit between E and F. E and F are males. B sits fourth to the left of H. A and C sit
adjacent to each other. At least three persons sit between D and H. Either D or H is a female and
that female sits at one of the extreme ends. The person who is sitting to the immediate right of F is
not a female. A does not sit to the left of G, whose gender is opposite to that of B. Not more than
two people of the same gender sit together.


Some person were seated around a circular table facing the centre. Each or them liked a
certain colour The distance between neighbours is the same.
• A was 3rd to the right of Z who was at a gap of 2 from S.
• person to the left of A liked green and was seated to the person seated right to S.
• P liked yellow and was to the immediate right of the one who liked White.
• D was 2nd to the left of the one who liked purple
• One who liked brown was opposite to the one who liked red.
• The one who liked red was to the immediate left of the one who liked pink.
• P was neighbouring Z
• A did not like purple.

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