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(Set – 54)

During an examination eight students A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are made to sit around a circular table facing the centre. After the exam was over, their sheets were distributed among themselves for the checking. Nobody receives his own sheet.

• A is seated 3rd to the right of the one who checked C’s sheet.

• H’s sheet was checked by his neighbour who is 2nd to the right of the one who checked A’s sheet.

• E is seated 2nd to the left of B’s neighbour

• F is seated opposite to the one who checks his sheet.

• 2 persons are seated between E and F when counted from the right of F.

• 3 persons are seated between C and the one who checks his sheet

• F checked that person’s sheet that checked H’s sheet.

• One who checked E’s sheet is 3rd to the right of B

• B and D do not sit together.

• A did not check B’s sheet.

There are seven students namely, A, C, D, R, S, J and K, who are sitting around the circular table, facing towards the centre, which contains 10 seats for group discussion. They scored different percentage of marks among- 32, 35, 40, 46, 51, 55 and 60, in the entrance exam but not in the same order.

Among three vacant seats, only two vacant seats are consecutive to each other. A, who is sitting to the immediate right of J, is facing R, who scored the highest percentage of marks. S, who is sitting to the immediate left of R, is sitting third to the right of J, who scored lowest percentage of marks. The person who scored second lowest percentage of marks is sitting second to the right of S. The lowest and the second highest scorer are sitting on seats which are adjacent to each other. S scored 5% more marks than K.

A scored less marks than C but more marks than D. Sum of the marks scored by the persons who are sitting on the seats which is to the immediate right and to the immediate left of any of the seats which is vacant is at most 89. All the persons who scored more marks than S are not facing the vacant seat. D is not sitting on a seat that is to the immediate right of the seat of A.

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