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Puzzles (Set- 61) | Maths & Reasoning | Free PDF Download

Q1.Different number of families lives on different floors of eight storey building, where ground floor is numbered as 1st floor and topmost floor is numbered as 8th floor. Number of members in each family is equal to the floor number on which they live. Two floors of the building are vacant. There are three floors between the floors at which 2 and 7 families live. 35 people lives on the 7th floor of the building. Highest number of people lives on the floor where 7 families live. Floor which is adjacent to the floor where 6 families live is vacant. At most a total of 6 persons live on the floors that is below the floor where 8 families live. Floor where 3 families live is either topmost or bottommost floor. At least 150 and at most 158 people are living in the building. Floor where 8 families live is not just below the floor where 2 families live. Floor which is adjacent to the floor where 8 families live is vacant.

Q2.There at most 16 shelves in the cupboard, in which books are kept. At most three books are kept in one shelf. There are four shelves between the book B and book E, which is kept in the bottommost shelf. There is only one shelf between book J and book B, and also between the book J and book G. Book F is just above book G. There are four shelves between book F and book D. Book A and book C are in same shelf that is exactly between the shelf of book F and book E. Book H is kept in the shelf that is third from the top. There are three shelves between book D and book H. At most two books are kept in fourth shelf from the bottom. 14 shelves are not there in the cupboard.

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