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1. Certain number of persons are sitting in a circular manner all facing towards the centre. Distance them increases in consecutive multiples of 4 in clockwise direction, such that the distance between the first person sitting and the last person sitting going towards anti-clockwise direction, is maximum. The circumference of the circle around which they are sitting is 260 m. It is known that 5 persons among them like different fruits among – Guava, Apple, Mango, Kiwi and Litchi. Maximum distance between any two persons is not more than 48 m.
E sits to immediate left of the one who likes Apple.

Number of persons between the one who likes Litchi and C, taken from left of C, is 2 more than number of persons them when taken from right of C.
Person who likes mango is sitting second to right of the one who likes Guava.
Only one person sits between E and A (taken from left of A) and distance between A and E is 52m.
C likes apple.
Distance of A from its immediate neighbours is more than 30 m.
Distance between D and the one who likes kiwi is 28 m.
One who likes litchi sits next to neither one who likes guava nor one who likes kiwi.
C is not immediate neighbour of the one liking mango.
Distance between the one who likes mango and one who likes Kiwi is a multiple of 16

Number of persons sitting between D and E is equal to number of persons sitting between E and the one who likes guava, who is not D.

2.There are twelve seats in two parallel rows having five people each. There is an equal distance between adjacent persons. In row 1, A, B, C, D and E are facing south and in row 2, U, V, W, X and Yare facing north. One seat is vacant in each row. Therefore , in the given seating arrangement , each member seated in a row faces another member of the other row. All of them like different colours like Black, White, Cyan, Indigo, Pink, Purple, Blue, Brown, Red and Green.

Y like neither Brown nor Red. W and V are not immediate neighbours.  D is immediate neighbours of A and C. One of the vacant seats  is fourth to the right of E. C does not like  Black colour. There is only one seat between the person who like Green and Cyan. V either like Black or Blue. The one who like Brown is sitting fourth to the left of U. B and E are not immediate neighbours. The one who like Cyan is sitting diagonally opposite to the person who like Indigo. There are only two person seating between those who like Pink and White. Either A or B likes Pink. D either likes Purple or Brown. The one who like Red is sitting opposite A. The person sitting opposite to the one who like White is also sitting immediately next to a vacant seat.

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