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  1. A, B, C, D, E, F and G are seven friends sitting in the line with equal distance 5mt facing toward the North. They all are posing for photograph, After Photograph some of the friends change their positions. Following are the given information-

After photo shot F shift 5mt in the north direction and then cover 5mt in the right direction. Initially A sits 3rd to the left of C, where A and B are not sitting at an extreme end. After photo shot G move 6mt in the south direction and then move 10mt on the left side. Initially D is immediate of C but not immediate of E, there are two persons between B and E. After photo shot D moves 5mt in the North direction and then move 5mt after taking a left after that move 11mt in the south direction. Initially G is not immediate neighbour of E and C. G is not on the extreme end. Minimum one person but not more than two persons sit to the left of E. After photo shot A moves 9mt in the right direction.

2. A, B, C are three adjacent buildings. A is to the west of B. B is to the west of C. Each building has different number of floors with the lowest floor numbered as 1, floor above it numbered as 2 and so on. The height of floors in each building is the same i.e. the same numbered floors are at equal height from the ground. Only few of the floors or these buildings are taken and rest are vacant.
W lived on the floor which was exactly above V’s floor but in a different building.
V was to the west of T.
The number of floors in building A was 3 more than P’s floor number.
• P
was to the west of Q who lived 2nd from the top of his building.
R Was in building B and the number of floors in his building was twice as that of his floor number.
X lived on the floor which was immediately below U’s floor but in a different building.

S lived on floor 4 but was not in X’s building.
• P’s
floor number was twice as that of R’s floor number.
Q and U were not in the same building.
No building had more than 10 floors.
• R’s
floor number was thrice as that of X’s floor number.
Q and W lived in the neighbouring buildings.
• P
lived on the floor which was exactly above W’s floor but in a different building

  • T and X lived in neighbouring buildings. 
  • U and V lived in different buildings.

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