ration and proportion

Ratio and Proportion – Maths Questions/Answers – Free PDF & Video Explanation – SSC, Bank, IBPS

Ratio & Proportions 

1) The ratio of last year income of A, B & C is 3 : 4 : 5, while the ratio of their last year income to current year income is 4 : 5, 2 : 3 and 3 : 4. If their total current year income is Rs 98500. Find thepresent income of B and C?
a) 56000

b) 71000

c) 76000

d) 78000

e) None of these

2) Respective ratio between total number of villagers in village A and that in village B is 5 : 7. In village B out of the total number of villagers 4∕7th are females, out of which 30% are graduates and the remaining 840 are non graduates. What is the total number of villagers in Village A?
a) 1600

b) 1500

c) 1400

d) 1200

e) 1900

3) Two alloys A and B are composed of two basic elements. The ratios of the compositions of the two basic elements in the two alloys are 5:3 and 1:2, respectively. A new alloy X is formed by mixing the two alloys A and B in the ratio 4:3. What is the ratio of the composition of the two basic elements in alloy X?
a) 2 : 3

b) 3 : 5

c) 1 : 1

d) 1 : 2

e) 2 : 1

4) In a pocket of A, the ratio of Rs.1 coins, 50p coins and 25p coins can be expressed by three consecutive odd prime numbers that are in ascending order. The total value of coins in the bag is Rs 58. If the number of Rs.1, 50p, 25p coins are reversed, find the new total value of coins in the pocket of A?
a) 43

b) 75

c) 82

d) 75

e) 70

5) In a company, ratio of male to female employees 7 : 3 and the monthly salary of a male employee is 60% of the total number of employees and monthly salary of a female employee is 90% salary of a male employee. If the total salary of male and female employee is Rs.5238000 then find the number of employees in the company.
a) 3000

b) 4000

c) 3250

d) 3150

e) None of these

6) In the year 2015, in a company the ratio of employees in three different departments HR, MT and TA are 1:3:5 respectively. In the year 2016 in each department if ‘n’ number of employees left then the ratio becomes 3:5:7. In the year 2017 in each department 5 employees left then the ratio became 1:2:3. Then what is the total number of employees that leaves in 2016?

a) 70

b) 40

c) 35

d) 30

e) Cannot be determined

7) Four friends A, B, C, and D have some money among them, they decided to equate the money, so first A gave B what B had initially, now B gave C what C had initially. Again C gave D what D had initially and finally, D gave what A had now. Thus each of them had an equal sum of Rs.48. Then what amount does A have initially?
a) 48

b) 60

c) 69

d) 72

e) Cannot be determined

8) A student obtained equal marks in History and Sociology. The ratio of marks in Sociology and Geography is 2 : 3 and the ratio of marks in History and Philosophy is 1 : 2. If he has scored an aggregate of 55% marks. The maximum marks in each subject is same. In how many subjects did he score equal to or greater than 60% marks?
(a) 1

(b) 2

c) 3

(d) 0

(e) none of these

9) The value of a diamond is directly proportional to the square of its weight. A diamond unfortunately breaks into three pieces with weights in the ratio of 3: 4: 5, thus a loss of Rs. 9.4 lakh is incurred. What is the actual value of diamond?
(a) 28.8 lakh

(b) 13.5 lakh

(c) 14.4 lakh

(d) 18.8 lakh

(e) none of these

10) A couple got married 9 years ago when the age of wife was 20% less than her husband. 6 years from now the age of wife will be only 12.5% less than her husband. Now they have six children including single, twins and triplets and the ratio of their ages is 2 : 3 : 4 respectively. What can be the maximum possible value for the present age of this family?
(a) 110 years

(b) 103 years

(c) 105 years

(d) 83 years

(e) none of these