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Importance of Severodonetsk?

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Importance of Severodonetsk?

  • The Severodonetsk has played an outsized role in the political and military conflict between Russia and Ukraine for two decades.
  • In 2004, when protests at a rigged election erupted in Kyiv, local politicians in Severodonetsk played a prominent role in agitating for independence and threatened to ask Russia for military assistance.
  • In 2014, there was an uprising here when Russia invaded Donbas and pro-Russian troops occupied Severodonetsk from May to July 2014.
  • Importance of Severodonetsk?
  • Severodonetsk lies at the gateway to the north-east of Donetsk province, the other part of Donbas.
  • It is an easier target for Russia because Ukrainian forces deeper in the salient have less coverage from air defences and artillery. Conquering it along with Lysychansk would open a path west to Slovyansk and Karamatorsk.
  • If Slovyansk and Kramatorsk were eventually to fall, Russia would then control almost all of the biggest towns and cities in Donetsk & Luhansk provinces.
  • That, in turn, would allow it to claim that it had gone some way to meeting its stated war aim of “liberating” Donbas.

What are the options left for Ukraine?

  • Many expected Ukraine to evacuate from Severodonetsk but Ukraine mounted counter-attacks and clung on.
  • Clinging on to Severodonetsk has come at a cost. Of 100,000 population it is believed that mere 13000 people still take shelter there. But it might be a strategy we can see in future also….
    1. Despite knowing Severodonetsk defence would cost, Ukraine continued, it might have aimed to bog down Russian forces for buying time until more Western weaponry arrived.
    2. Another aim was to inflict steady casualties on Russia, further depleting its ranks.
    3. Also, severodonetsk was more favourable battleground for Ukraine’s preferred tactics of urban warfare, rather than long-range artillery duels on open ground.




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