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Time & Work – Data Interpretation – Quiz Based Question/Answers

Time & Work – Data Interpretation

5 constructional companies have a teams of 3 workers M1, M2 and M3. Line chart given below shows the number of days in which each team can build a BRIDGE together. Teams can also choose plans from the flowchart given below in which they have to follow each steps in the chart.

1) Company E chose plan C to build a bridge of the same size as the original one. In their group M1 and M2 takes 24 days and 72 days respectively to complete the work alone.  If they were given total wages of Rs. 44640, then find the share of wages M3 will get ?

1) 21450  2) 31620    3) 56290  4) 35620   5) None of these

2) Company B were given the work of building a bridge thrice the length of the original bridge. In their group M1 takes 50% more days than M2 to complete the work alone and M3 takes 100% more days than M1. In how many days they will complete the whole work, if they chose Plan B to complete the work.
1) 106 days    2) 104 days    3) 109 days    4) 105 days    5) None of these

3) Company D started to build a bridge using plan A. In their group M1 takes 26(2/11) days and M2 is 13/24 times efficient as M3. Find the extra number of days they took to finish the work due to the departure of M2.
1) 1(47/40) days   2) 2(47/40) days   3) 3(47/40) days     4) 2(37/40) days   5) None of these


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