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  • An outbreak of ‘tomato flu’ has triggered panic in Kerala’s Kollam district after the mysterious disease was detected in 80 children, all under five years of age.
  • Alert has been sounded in districts abutting Kerala over ‘tomato flu’ outbreak in the neighbouring State.

Tomato Flu

  • Tomato flu causes rashes and blisters on the infected child’s body. Since the color of the rashes is red and the blisters are tomato-shaped, therefore the unidentified fever has been given the name ‘Tomato flu’.

  • It is unclear what is the cause behind Tomato flu–a viral fever or an aftereffect of chikungunya or dengue fever.
  • The flu affects children below five years of age.


  • The symptoms of tomato flue are–skin irritation, body ache, tiredness, nausea, sneezing, coughing, dehydration, stomach ache, joint swelling, discoloration of hands, knees, buttocks, and dehydration.
  • In some cases, it may also change the colour of the legs and the hands.

How can this be prevented?

  • A viral infection causes the ‘Tomato flu.’ Even while the situation is not alarming, we must proceed with prudence.
    • Stay hydrated by drinking boiled water.
    • Don’t let the blisters formed by Tomato Flu crack.
    • Keep your distance from the infected person.
    • Maintaining excellent hygiene is crucial for the diseased person.

Tomato flu surveillance in Tamil Nadu

  • As a step against the spread of the tomato flu in one of the districts of neighbouring Kerala, a medical team is carrying out tests on those entering Coimbatore for fever, rashes, and other illnesses – symptoms of such flu – at Walayar on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border.
  • Two medical officers are leading the team to check passengers, particularly children, of all vehicles, official sources said on Tuesday (May 11).
  • Also, a 24-member team has been formed to check the children, aged below five, in Anganwadi.
  • In this background, the border districts of the State — Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Kodagu, Chamarajanagar, and Mysuru — have been directed to keep a vigil on daily travellers from Kerala and also monitor children for any of the signs and symptoms in OPDs of health institutions.

Different types of Flu

  • Influenza (flu) viruses share a similar genetic makeup, and they all infect the respiratory system. But there are several types and subtypes, some of which are more of a threat than others.
  • Mainly there are four types of flu viruses, called A, B, C, and D, some of which can be further categorized into subtypes or at least specific strains.


What is the causal agent of Chikungunya

  1. Nematode
  2. Virus
  3. Fungus
  4. Non-chlorophyllous bacterium




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