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UPSC 2019 Daily MCQ Based Current Affairs – Free PDF Download | 16th June’18 By Dr Gaurav Garg

Q1) Which of the following statements is correct about Niti Aayog’s composite water
management index report

A) By 2050, India’s water demand is projected to be twice the available supply

B) Gujarat topped the list while Jharkhand was adjudged as the worst performer

C) In the northeastern and Himalayan states, Tripura has been adjudged as the top state


1) None is correct

2) A & B are correct

3) Only B is correct

4) B & C are correct

Q2) Which of the following statements is correct about Amnesty International & its
latest report ?

A) The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) helped Hindus flourish in Myanmar

B) Rohingyas have a “Refugee” status in India

C) Amnesty International is a Medical NGO


1) None is correct

2) A & B are correct

3) Only B is correct

4) B & C are correct

Q3) Match the following pairs


1) A – 4; B – 1; C – 2; D – 3

2) A – 1; B – 2; C – 3; D – 4

3) A – 4; B – 1; C – 3; D – 2

4) A – 3; B – 1; C – 2; D – 4



Q4) Yemen is bordered with :

A)Red Sea

B)Gulf of Aden


D)Arabian Sea


1) A , B

2) A, B ,C & D

3) B ,C & D

4) C & D

upscmcq4Q5) Consider the following statements about OPCW on Syria ?

A)Sarin & Phosgene gas were used as chemical weapons in Syria

B)Administration of Sarin kills a person by Lung muscle paralysis


1) Only A is correct

2) Only B is correct

3) None is correct

4) Both are correct

Q6) Consider the following statements : Which of the statements is correct?

A)Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is one of the agencies of the United Nations, fighting against the chemical weapons.

B)The organisation was awarded the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize

C)All 193 parties to the Chemical Weapons convention are automatically members of the OPCW

D)India is a member of OPCW


1) A,B

2) C,D

3) B,C,D

4) A,D

National Authority for
Chemical Weapons
Convention (NACWC)

Q7) Which of the following statements is correct about Roen Alami ?

A) It is a edible Banana species

B)These species can’t fruit without termites

C) It is found in India in Goa


1) A & C are correct

2) B & C are correct

3) A & B are correct

4) Only C is correct

Q8) Consider the following areas :

A)Regional Growth

B)Science & Technology

C)Culture & Community


Nikkei Asia Prize honours people in Asia who have made significant contributions in which of the above mentioned area/ areas ?

1) A , C & D

2) A, B & C

3) B , C & D

4) A, C & D

Q9) ‘Broad-based Trade and Investment Agreement (BTIA)’ is often mentioned in the news in the context of negotiations held between India and



(c) OPEC

(d) European Union

differences over data
child labour and IPR

Q10) Consider the following statements :

A)EU, which consists of 28 countries, has the third largest population, after China
and India.

B) 23rd European Film Festival will be held in Spain


1) Both are correct

2) None is correct

3) Only A is correct

4) Only B is correct

Slovakian Movie Little Harbour to be
the opening film

Q11) Consider the following sects :





Which of the above is/are major sect/sects of Parsis :

A) B , C & D

B) A , B & D

C) A, C & D

D) A, B & C


Q12) Which of the following statement is correct wrt Terminator Technology?

A)It is the genetic modification of plants to make them produce suicide seeds .

B) The scientific name of this technology is Genetic Use Restriction Technology (GURT)


1)Only A is correct

2)Only B is correct

3) Both are correct

4)None is correct



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