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• Q What is hinterland terrorism? Give the factors responsible for growing hinterland
terrorism in India

  • Hinterland refers to areas in the interiors, which are usually away from the coast. •In terms of development, these areas are often at a disadvantage when compared to more developed regions elsewhere.
  • The reference to the coast is linked to the spread of development around ports in the past, given the economic activity generated from there.
  • The term continues to be used for areas with limited development. In the Indian context, insurgency in the Naxal-hit areas can be associated with this description.
  • -Hinterland terrorism is the terrorism that is spread all across the hinterland of the country.
  • -after defeat in 1971-Pakistan adopted —proxy war—motto-’bleeding India with thousand cuts’
  • –Khalistan movement—design was to create a buffer sovereign state between J and k and rest of India.
  • Pakistan targeted Kashmir in the late eighties.
  • -SIMI was formed in Aligarh in 1977
  • -21st century saw the formation of Indian Mujahideen after the ban of SIMI
  • -Harkat –ul-Jihad –al –Islam (HUJI) OF Bangladesh was also found involved in many terrorist attacks in India.
  • Q Give the institutional framework to tackle terrorism in India.
  • –IB
    • MAC
    • NSG
    •Legal framework—POTA. TADA, UAPA
    • NIA ACT and special NIA courts

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