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•Q Multi- pronged strategy is required to wean away the masses from the influence of naxalism. Examine

• –Development strategy—accelerated socio-economic development, better infrastructure, political parties must strengthen their cadre base in naxal affected areas, participative democracy, coordination and implementation of various development schemes,

Security Strategy-primacy of state police at all levels, Increasing the number of security forces in the strongholds of naxals, local police infrastructure should be developed, strengthening of local intelligence, Inter state police coordination.

Psychological operations—Media and public perception management, administration to engage with public at large , civil society , NGO’S to restore people faith and confidence

•Q – What are the factors responsible for the spread of Naxalism in India.??

• –Jal jangal –jameen—tribal forest relationship, violation of traditional land rights, land acquisition without appropriate compensation and rehabilitation

•Economic-poverty, unemployment, infrastructure deficit like poor transport, lack of health facility, lack of education , communication and electricity , rising gap between rich and poor

•Social—social inequality, discrimination, denial of human rights, abuse of dignity of life •.

•Political-lack of people participation in government

•Governance deficit—lack of routine administration , complete absence of government machinery in remote areas, poor implementation of laws, mismanagement and corruption in government schemes

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