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•Communal riots(GS-1

• Organized crime(gs-3)

Q Explain the factors responsible for communal riots .

• -Historical factors- history of partition, lack of mutual trust • -political factors—divide and rule policy by the British and the subsequent vote bank politics. • Educational factors- lack of modern education— scientific and technical approach • Socio-economic factors—educational
backwardness—feeling of relative deprivation

•Identity crisis or identity factors- •Cultural factors– elements of conservatism and fundamentalism •Social media factors- spreading rumors, disinformation, hate campaign and fanning violence • Organized criminal involvement-

•Immediate Flash points for riots- •-Gender offences—eve teasing, molestation, etc •Land disputes—disputes over ownership of land belonging to graveyards •Religious festivities

•Q What is transnational organized crime? How it is linked with terrorism?

–As per UN convention-transnational organized crime comprises—a group of three or more persons that was not randomly formed —Existence of such a group for a period of time—acting with the aim of committing at least one crime punishable by at least four year’s incarceration—profit driven nature •

–terrorist engage in organized crime to support themselves financially- • –drug trafficking, money laundering –generate money • Organized group provide smuggled arms and explosives to terrorist groups in exchange for drugs and diamonds • Terrorist group make use of smuggling networks –to move operatives around the world • –criminal groups also provide money laundering services • –they have developed symbiotic relationship


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