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•IT act and social media(GS-3)

  • Q- Information technology act 2000 and subsequent amendment in it , has facilitated better utilization of cyber space. Comment
  • The act provides legal recognition to ecommerce
  • Recognizes records kept in electronic form like any other documentary record
  • Provides legal recognition to digital signature
  • Cyber Law Appellate Tribunal
  • Applies to cyber offence—like Tampering with computer source documents, Hacking with computer system, Sec -66-A-sending offensive messages through communication service
  • Q- In the era of fourth industrial revolution the widespread use of social media has both negative impacts and the positive impacts . Discuss -Social Media refer to internet based communication among people who create, share and exchange their ideas, photos ,videos and information on virtual cyber platform.
  • Negative-
  • -Riots
  • -Misinformation
  • -Terrorism and –national activities
  • False opinion building
  • Addiction


  • -Social awareness
  • Cheapest and fastest form of communication
  • Spread of Social activism like movement against corruption
  • Promoting a culture of debate and discussion
  • Breaking the Monopoly of big media houses
  • Participatory democracy

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