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  • Q- Development of border areas will help in strengthening of internal security of India. Discuss . Also suggest steps to develop border areas 
  • Border areas—inaccessible and underdeveloped due to difficult terrain
  • -lack of facilities like proper roads , educational institutions and hospitals
  • Lack of economic opportunities—makes the border population more susceptible to take up smuggling and trafficking
  • North east India –shares 98 pe
  • -SP SHUKLA COMMITTEE- north east – development of infrastructure—road network
  • –special accelerated Road development programme for the north –east region (SARDPNE)
  • Development of grassroot level institutions like PRIs
  • Balanced development of border area • Schemes like border area development programme.
  • -DEVELOPMENT OF COMMUNITY BASE INFRSTRUCTURE—like forestry, pasture land , fishery ponds, mobile dispensaries, mini marketing etc •Promote participation in development, eliminate sense of alienation
  • Q-Explain the steps taken by government of India to secure the coasts and Island Territories.
  • –Three layered mechanism—outermost layer, the Indian navy patrols the high seas and carries out aerial reconnaissance with ship based air- craft
  • Intermediate layer comprising the exclusive economic zone (between 12 and 200 nautical miles) is patrolled by the coastal police.
  • Coastal security scheme in 2005-06 –coastal stations-boats, jeeps, motorcycles for mobility
  • -Easing of environmental norms for setting up coastal police stations
  • -issuance of multi-purpose identity cards to all fishermen , sea ferrying personnel and coastal villages
  • Implementation of uniform licensing of fishing boats across the country
  • Deployment of commando units of central industrial security force in all ports
  • – For the security of the Island Territories, the Indian government –set up a joint command in the ANDAMAN AND NICIBAR ISLANDS CALLED THE Andaman and Nicobar command(ANC)—Comprising personnel of the army , the Navy, the air force and coast guard.

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