weekly puzzle

Weekly Puzzle Questions(Advanced Level) | 3rd Week June’18 For Bank, SSC, UPSC

The Poisoned Antidote

Help Dr. Paulo figure out a plan to identify the poisoned bottle before facing the media. Also, provide a detailed explanation along with your answer in the comments.


A renowned scientist, Dr. Paulo, created an antidote for a deadly disease. He made 1000 vials with the antidote liquid in them, so that he could present them to the media the next day. while he was asleep, his nemesis, Dr. Nicholas, sneaked into his lab and poisoned one of the vials. After doing it, he felt guilty and thought about how he had endangered the lives of many who would consume the antidote. He knew that a single drop from the poisoned vial was enough to kill any living organism however, death would occur anytime between 10 and 20 hours. He immediately alerted Dr. Paulo and admitted his folly. However, he couldn’t remember which bottle he had poisoned as all the bottles were identical. Dr. Paulo has more than 1000 frogs in his lab to conduct experiments on. But, being an animal lover, he would prefer a plan where the least number of frogs would get killed.