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Weekly Puzzle Questions(Advanced Level) | 4th Week Apr’18 For Bank, SSC, UPSC

 The Tale of Two Cities

Predict who will win the game: Rafael or Roger. Provide a detailed explanation along with the answer in comments.

Kings from two neighboring kingdoms decided to settle their disputes by playing a small, yet tricky, game. The stakes were high as the winner would get his opponent’s kingdom. Their decision to play the game, rather than wage a war, was lauded by one and all. The rules of the game were simple:
Both players had 5 coins each. They took turns to place one coin in an empty square in a 3×3 grid. The first player to succeed in placing three of his coins in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row would win the game.
The two kings, Roger and Raphael, were pretty adept at the game. The first six moves that took place are as shown in the diagram. Raphael played the black coins while Roger played the gold coins.