Weekly Puzzle Questions(Advanced Level) | 4th Week June’18 For Bank, SSC, UPSC

 Joyce’s Wrath Continues…

Help Ketaki and Roshni solve this riddle.

post your answers in the comment section.

Roshni and Ketaki barely  managed to avoid spending the rest of the year in a bottle. (The Ghost of CAT future). But Joyce, The Ghost of CAT future, wasn’t even close to relenting. She clapped her hands together and one of the bottles glowed as though being heated by an imaginary flame. Suddenly flames erupted at the mouth of the bottle and went off quickly. Smoke emanated from the bottle’s mouth. The smoke formed two odd-sounding sentences:



Said Joyce, “Well, well, well. Congratulations. You managed to solve one puzzle. Big deal! I’m not through with you yet. Read the sentences formed by the smoke. They are anagrams for three words. And, by the way, they’re not just any words, they’re synonyms which describe what I consider your acts to be. Now, you know the deal – You don’t solve this, you’re in the bottles. If you solve it, brace yourself for the next round. Sooner or later you’ll join my sisters in the bottles. Ahahahaha!!!”