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The News

The Culprit

  • Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi is a Pakistan based Islamic terrorist.
  • He is the leader of the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba and serves as Supreme Commander of Operations in Kashmir.
  • He is on NIA’s Most Wanted list, which names him as one of the major planners behind the 2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks.
  • Lakhvi is also a UN-designated terrorist.

Why is he arrested & jailed?

  • Not in connection with Mumbai Terror attacks of 2008…!!!
  • Lakhvi was accused of running a dispensary and using funds collected for terrorism financing. He also used these funds for personal expenses.
  • Lakhvi pleaded before the court that he was “falsely implicated” in this case.

Indian Response

  • Ministry of External Affairs:
    • The timing of these actions clearly suggests the intention of conveying a sense of compliance ahead of APJG (Asia Pacific Joint Group) meet and the next FATF (Financial Action Task Force) plenary meet in February 2021.
    • It has become routine for Pakistan to come up with farcical actions prior to important meetings.
    • Note:
      • Lakhvi was presented before the Lahore ATC on 08-01-2021 and was convicted the same day in the terror financing case.

Pakistan’s Farcical actions

Paisa Bolta hai

  • It’s quite evident that Indian pressure and American prodding has not worked with Pakistan to ensure Zaki Ur Rehman Lakhvi’s conviction in the Mumbai terror attacks.
  • However, Pakistan has been fearful about punitive action from the Financial Action Task Force.
    • Due to constant FATF warning, Pakistan has now started to take action against Terrorists.

No Meaningful action

  • Pakistan’s Track Record
    • Lakhvi was an “under trial” detainee in Adiala jail, Rawalpindi during the Mumbai Blast case, in which he has received bail.
    • At that time, Lakhvi could receive guests and use the Internet, access a mobile phone and watch television in the jail.
    • It is believed that, he has even fathered a child while in jail…!!
    • So, we have to wait and watch what kind of “jail treatment” awaits Lakhvi this time.




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